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Cars rental agency offers ‘free’ car-rental deals

Get Around Car Rental has become a popular destination for car rentals.

The company, which has over 400 locations nationwide, recently added a few new locations, including in Fresno, California.

The new locations are in Fresno and Fresno County.

The company has partnered with local food trucks and other local businesses to offer free car-share programs to its customers.

The food trucks will be at the new locations offering a free ride to their car, as well as a free lunch or dinner.

You can also pick up a free parking pass, a free bike pass, and other free goodies.

The new locations offer car-sharing packages that are similar to those offered by Lyft, with the addition of free food and free parking.

The services are available to new customers.

It is unclear how many of the company’s customers are currently enrolled.

The Fresno office also has a car-repair service.

Other car-related companies like CarMax and Hertz have also begun offering car-shares and free rides to customers.

These services are offered to new and existing customers.

Hertz has over 10,000 locations across the country, including Fresno, Arizona.