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DFW man arrested for ‘driving drunk’ in Texas

DFW, Texas — A man accused of driving drunk in a rental car in the Dallas suburb of DFW has been arrested, authorities said Friday.

Police said the man was pulled over on Interstate 35 about 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday and taken to a nearby hospital.

Authorities said he was then taken to the police station and booked into the Brazos County jail.

Authorities did not immediately release a motive for the DUI arrest.

DFW police said they have been investigating the man for a possible traffic violation, but have not made an arrest.

A spokesman for the Brazo County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy who pulled over the man told authorities that the man “was driving erratically.”

The deputy reported that the suspect “was inebriated” and “repeatedly tried to get away from him,” the spokesman said.

Authorities told the Houston Chronicle that the driver had been driving the rental car at the time of the crash.

A spokeswoman for DFW-area law enforcement told the newspaper that the crash was not considered a DUI.

The Chronicle also reported that witnesses told authorities the man had been drinking.

A statement from DFW Police Department said officers responded to a report of a drunk driver in a vehicle.

The driver was then detained for questioning and booked on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Police did not release any other information about the crash, including how long the arrest was for.

Dewayne Hensley, a spokesman for DAWFS, told the Chronicle that police had released no other details.