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German car rental company has lost hundreds of customers

A car rental firm in Germany has been hit by a series of devastating cyberattacks targeting its clients.MCO car rental in Gelsenkirchen, a city of more than 25,000 people in the eastern state of Lower Saxony, reported that customers had lost thousands of euros in deposits, as well as some customers losing their homes.

The cyberattacks, which began in mid-March, forced the firm to halt its business operations.

It had just returned from a conference in London, and was planning to resume after the conference.

But it was hit again on Wednesday, and on Thursday morning, it announced it had lost hundreds more customers.

It said that between January and March, more than 600 customers had gone through the cyber attack, with most of them from Germany.

The attack, which affected about 400 of MCO car rentals, is believed to have been launched by a group called the Dark-Team.

It was not clear who or what the Dark Team was behind.

The company has not commented on what the cyber attacks were.

But some customers say they are not sure how the attackers got hold of their accounts, and if they have been able to withdraw their money.

“I don’t know if I’m safe from this,” one of the victims told Der Spiegel.

“I don, at least, I don’t have any way to recover my money.”MCO said that the Dark Teams identity had been traced to a group in Germany known as the Cybercrime Unit, which was founded by the hacker collective Anonymous.