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How to book a car rental in Australia

Car rental company Car Rentals Australia has issued a statement saying that they do not know where the alleged offences took place, adding that they are currently investigating the matter.

The statement from the company read: “Due to ongoing investigations and legal matters, we cannot provide any further information.

We are currently working through the information, and we can only offer assistance to the appropriate authorities and relevant agencies.

We will keep you informed when any further developments are made.”

The company said that they have not been contacted by police regarding the matter and are working through their legal options. 

The statement added that Car Rentations Australia had not been able to contact the woman involved in the alleged incidents.

“We have not received any official response from the police, nor have we been contacted about the allegations,” it read.

“We will continue to work with the appropriate agencies to ensure this matter is handled appropriately.”

Car Rentals said that it does not know if the woman who was allegedly involved in this incident was a Car Renters Australian customer, but the company does not want the public to be left in the dark.

“The Car Rentings Australia website and social media have been inundated with reports from customers and they have confirmed that they were not part of the alleged incident.”

Car Rentings Australian is not the person to make any statement to the media, and this is an ongoing investigation,” it added.”

Our priority is to help our customers get the best possible experience with their car rental and we are committed to providing the utmost customer service to all our customers.

“As we have not yet received a formal response from police regarding this matter, we will continue working through our legal options.”

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