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How to Find Cheap Car Rental in Omaha

Oklahoma City car rental company UHaul is a big seller with cars and trucks, but they don’t have a lot of options for renters.

For example, the company doesn’t offer a rental to drivers of electric cars.

They can find a rental on a truck, however. 

UHaul offers three rental options: a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom rental.

For a 2-bed room, you pay $350 for a one-bedroom and $300 for a two-bed.

The rate for a 3-bed is $800 per night.

The company also has a full-time car rental agent, who will take a look at your rental and give you the best rate.

There are no restrictions on when you can drive. 

But UHauk can be a little pricey.

They charge $1,100 per month for a 1.5-bedroom apartment and $1.75 for a 2.5 bedroom.

The 3-level rate is $1.,200 per month.

They do offer car rentals in Tulsa, but that’s mostly reserved for the high-end cars.