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How to get car rental from Lyft and other ride-sharing companies using the smart phone app…

Lyft has announced that it is rolling out a new app called Lyft Car Rentals that allows customers to rent cars using a smartphone app.

Lyft Car Rental will let users pay by phone for the first time, and it will be available for the next three weeks, the company said in a blog post.

LyFT Car Rotation is available for $15 per month, and the app will work with Android, iPhone, and iPad, the post said.

The app will also be available in the United States and Canada, but it will require a credit card.

Lyndon Hensley, Lyft’s vice president of corporate communications, told Recode that the new app will let Lyft drivers get car rentals at the same rate as a car rental in a hotel or a similar location.

Lyft said the app works with Lyft cars and will not work with other ride services.

Lyfts Car Rrentals will be rolled out to existing Lyft drivers on March 3, the first day of its rollout, Lyft said.

The app is a departure from the way ride-hailing companies operate.

While Uber and Lyft operate independently of each other, their drivers are part of a partnership that requires them to be part of Lyft’s larger network.

Lyft has been trying to change that.