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How to Get Rid of a Car Rental in Charlotte

Charlotte, N.C. — The city of Charlotte has announced a new program that will provide new car rental cars to the homeless.

The Charlotte City Council announced Tuesday that it will offer a $3,000 incentive to car rental companies to replace their old cars with new ones that are wheelchair accessible.

The program, called the Charlotte Car Rentals Challenge, will provide vehicles for people with disabilities to rent, and will allow people to rent them through car rental kiosks at downtown hotels and other businesses.

The program will begin with the Charlotte City Hall Community Car Renter Program, which has about 40 car rentals for people who live in the downtown area.

“This program will help people to get into cars that they otherwise wouldn’t have had,” Mayor Esther Manheimer said in a statement.

“The Charlotte Police Department will provide training for all participating car rental agencies.

We’ll also work to develop a set of rules that will allow more people to participate, including the option to rent a car with a wheelchair accessible driver.”

The program is part of a larger plan to provide more services to people with mobility issues in Charlotte.