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USAA car rental to offer $1,500 credit to buyers

USAA said it was launching a new credit card offering customers $1.5 million for a car rental in exchange for the credit card information.

The credit card will be offered by American Express in the coming weeks, it said.

The card would be offered in two levels: One level will provide a credit card number and an introductory period of 30 days, while the second level will allow the user to pay with their USAA account.

The USAA is offering its new card to USAA members.

USAA also announced it would add a new auto rental credit card in the next few months.

It said that it is introducing a new card for its members in partnership with the American Express network and a third-party service provider.

The credit card is aimed at customers who rent cars and want to upgrade their credit rating.

“Our customers want to have access to a card that they can upgrade their status on as they drive, but we are offering this to those who want to lease a car for a short period of time,” USAA CEO Brian J. Osterman said.