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What’s the best car rental in the city?

A friend of mine recently drove out to see her parents in New York City.

I’ve lived in Chicago for a couple of years now, and the commute from there to my house in the suburbs has been almost nonexistent.

But when I arrived there, I was so impressed by how close to the city I was living.

I had a few minutes to kill, so I called a few car rental companies, asking if they had the closest car to my home.

I got a few responses.

Most of them said no, but I knew I had to go with the most popular.

After a few days, I finally managed to snag a car rental with the cheapest price, a 2015 Ford Focus.

This was the car that I had always wanted and the one that I wanted to live in forever.

The car was quiet and smooth, the interior was comfortable, and I got to see my parents in person for the first time in nearly a decade.

It felt like home.