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When a car rental company tries to get away with renting to an ex-con who has been out on parole


— When a Florida car rental agency tries to sell you a rental for $200 or more, you’re likely to get some bad news.

It might even make you feel bad about yourself.

In fact, the company might just end up getting your money.

In Florida, a company that operates in the rental industry called Auto Rental, Inc. (ARCI) has been caught on video and recorded on the phone selling cars to former inmates.

The company, which has a business license from the state of Florida, said that it does not rent cars to ex-cons.

According to the company, the vehicles it rents from ARCI are not only legally permitted, but they also qualify as “recreational vehicles” under state law.

ARCI said that the vehicles in question are used for private parties.

“They have been vetted by ARCI, and they have not been utilized in a criminal enterprise,” a spokesperson said.

“ARCI does not lease vehicles for criminal activities.”

The company told ABC News that it is currently not charging ex-convicts to rent their cars.

However, the spokesperson did not provide further details.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections, which oversees the state’s prison system, told ABCNews.com that ARCI “does not sell vehicles to anyone for criminal purposes.”

ARCI spokesperson, Emily DeMarco, told reporters in an email that ARCIs vehicles are only used for “commercial purposes.”

“ARCIs vehicles do not come with a criminal record,” she wrote.

“There is a provision that applies to all vehicles that ARCi rents.”

The spokesperson said that ARCIC did not get involved in the business or the rental process.

However to DeMarco’s knowledge, ARCIC is the only car rental business in the state.

She said that her company was the only one that did not charge ex-prisoners for their rental vehicles.

“The only reason I can think of is that the vehicle was being used by the client and the client was not a licensed person and it was not the client’s business, DeMarco said.

“We do not have any other instances where we have had to contact an individual in the past to charge a fee.” “

As far as we know, this is the first time we have heard of a company charging ex prisoners for rental vehicles,” DeMarco added.

“We do not have any other instances where we have had to contact an individual in the past to charge a fee.”

The statement from ARCIC comes as a new report by the Florida House Committee on Public Safety, which investigated the way the state handles ex-incarcerated individuals and convicted criminals, released Tuesday.

The report found that the state “has failed to protect the public from the criminal behavior of convicted offenders and convicted felons.”

According to its findings, in 2013 alone, the Department of Justice issued 2,065 fines totaling $9.7 million for violations of Florida’s parole and probation laws.

In the first five months of 2016 alone, 1,738 ex-offenders were sentenced to state prison.

The committee also found that there were 7,000 criminal convictions against Florida’s incarcerated population, and that nearly half of all prisoners in the prison system were arrested for crimes unrelated to the parole process.

“These findings are unacceptable and need to be addressed,” said Florida Rep. John Mica, who authored the report.

“In this day and age, Florida needs to do more to protect our vulnerable citizens and ensure that these crimes do not happen again.”

DeMarco told ABC affiliate WFTS-TV that the company has received complaints from other ex-criminals who have rented their cars, but that the “majority of our ex-mates are not ex-state inmates.”

The Florida Department’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security (OSHS), which handles the state prison system’s inmate services, did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment about the report, but told ABC that it “is committed to providing quality services to the public, including for the purposes of rehabilitation.”

DeMarco said that she is working with the Department to provide more information to the committee.

In response to questions about ARCI’s business practices, DeMarcio told ABCNEWS.com: “ARCIS did not advertise its services.

It did not sell cars.

We are not charging people to rent our vehicles.

We do not make any profit from renting vehicles.

The vehicles that we rent are used in a commercial capacity.

We have never charged a fee for any of these vehicles.”

The Department of Correctional Services, which manages Florida’s prisons, did provide a statement to ABCNews, but did not directly address the report and said that “ARCICS is a private company that is licensed in Florida.”

The department also said in a statement that it conducts an annual audit to ensure the safety and security of its prisoners.

“Each of the services provided by ARCIS,