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When car rental companies refuse to take pictures, it’s time to boycott them

Car rental companies are being accused of being ‘unethical’ after refusing to take car rental photos for a photo op.

The New Scientist reports that several car rental businesses are refusing to use photos of customers or employees.

They claim that refusing to photograph people with their cars is ‘unprofessional’ and ‘disrespectful’ to customers.

One car rental company in Sydney, for example, told New Scientist: “We’re not allowed to take any photos of guests with our cars.

It’s not our policy to photograph customers.”

Another said: “I’m not a photographer and I don’t take photos.

We don’t do that with any other people.”

A third company, in Melbourne, said: ‘I can’t use pictures of customers, I’m not allowed.’

“A spokesperson for the Car and Driver said: ”We do not photograph our customers.

We are not allowed by law to photograph them, we are only allowed to record their license plates.

We’re in a position to say that this practice is inappropriate.”

Car rental companies and other businesses in Australia have been criticised in the past for not taking photo ops in the most recent car rental season, when more than 2,300 people were photographed.

However, some car rental and travel companies have come out in support of taking photos of their customers and employees.

A spokesperson from Car & Driver said they were not allowed: “It is not our practice to photograph our guests and employees.”

They also said they could not comment on whether they had stopped taking photographs altogether.

New Scientist has contacted Car & Doctor, Car and Taxi, Caravan and Transport, Carpooling Australia and Caravan Travel Australia.

If you have been involved in a car rental situation, you can email the New Scientist with your story, photo or video.