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Which of the US states is the worst for car rental?

The United States ranks among the worst countries for car rentals, according to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The IIHS study found that nearly three-quarters of the rental vehicles in the US were owned by renters.

The IIHS report is based on a study of car rentals and car ownership across the US from 2008 to 2018.

The study found the median cost for a rental vehicle is $9,600 per year and the average annual income for a renter is $42,000.

The average annual household income for renter households in the United States is $51,000, while that of renter household owners is $62,000.

“Renters typically have lower incomes, and many do not have car insurance.

They often have no car, making it hard for them to access needed medical care, according the IIHS.”

In addition, many renters in the U.S. do not carry a car with them when they leave home, which can make it more difficult for them get emergency medical care when needed,” said IIHS CEO David Lapan.”

Car rentals are also a critical part of the overall health of our economy, as they help to improve mobility and health of consumers in both the rural and urban communities where they are available,” Lapan said.

The study found there are about 1.6 million rental vehicles available in the country, with an average of 2,500 rental vehicles per household.

That’s up from 2,300 vehicles per home in 2008, according an IIHS release.

The rental car market in the States has seen a significant growth over the last decade, but rental rates have remained relatively flat, according IIHS data.

In fact, the rental market in California saw a nearly 30% increase in rental rates from 2009 to 2017.

However, there are some states that are seeing the biggest growth.

For example, California’s rental rates increased by over 17% from 2009 through 2017, according data from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

The biggest factor that is contributing to rental rates being so high in California is that there are so many cars that are on the road, according Lapan, the director of the Insurance Information Institute.”

The average cost of a rental car in California in 2017 was $28,500. “

And when you think about it, these small sedans are not very expensive, and they’re often very well maintained.”

The average cost of a rental car in California in 2017 was $28,500.

That was a $1,000 increase from last year, according insurance company Edmunds.

“It’s a good indicator that the car rental market is becoming more competitive and that prices are becoming lower,” said Lapan.

“When it comes to insurance, we see an increase in the number of rental vehicles and we see more people are choosing to own a car.”

We also see more renters using cars as their primary transportation for work, and it’s that transportation that is providing health benefits to people.

So, if we’re going to get the health benefits from owning a car, we’re certainly going to want to keep the health benefit from driving,” he added.

Car rental insurance rates in the state of California are significantly higher than in other states, according a California Insurance Commission report released earlier this month.

In California, rental insurance is typically $4,500 per year, compared to $3,200 in California and $2,700 in New Jersey.

In 2018, the average rental insurance policy was $15,500, and the median premium was $1.8 million.

In total, the IISH said that over the past five years, car rental insurance has increased by a whopping 26% to $17.6 billion.